The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022) Season 1 Episode 9 & 10 Korean Drama

January 12th, 2023

Hundreds of years ago, a child was named after god and was cursed. After 4 reincarnations he finds his love in the form of an employee of his company, a man! If they don’t date, they die!

Native Title: 밥만 잘 사주는 이상한 이사님

Also Known As: A Strange Director Who Only Buys Me Rice , Bapman Jal Sajuneun Isanghan Isanim , The Weird

Director Who Always Treats Me To Dinner

Screenwriter: Son Yi Seul

Genres: Romance, Fantasy


Drama: The Director Who Buys Me Dinner

Country: South Korea

Episodes: 10

Aired: Dec 15, 2022 – Jan 12, 2023

Aired On: Thursday

Duration: 15 min.


Download Episode 9

Download Episode 10


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